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What's New

New updates and improvements to GoalSumo.

Quickly See Habit Progress

Habits now have a counter that shows how many times they have been completed.

Hi GoalSumo Folks. We introduced a new feature today to make habits a bit more exciting! You can now see how many times you have completed a specific habit on the habits overview page.

Arrow pointing to new habit counting feature that shows "Completed 1 time." on a generic habit.

We're working on an archive view to see all deleted/cancelled habits (and how many times they were completed). This will be available soon! 😄

We've recently added over 70 bucket list templates and 30 Kaizen values to a brand new suggestions page!

We've curated images and ideas for all templates (images provided by and You can see what items others are using most frequently in the "most popular" section, or view/search all options in the "All templates" section.

We're looking forward to seeing lots of filled up bucket lists and Kaizen Values!

Streamlining DailySumos

Howdy GoalSumo fanatics! This will be a short update... We've adjusted the logic on DailySumos in order to reduce confusion and streamline your goal-crushing.

Future DailySumos Now Hide Rollover Tasks

The concept of task rollover was previously implemented in a way that made setting up and viewing your future DailySumos confusing. Future DailySumos will now hide all tasks that have been rolled-over from a previous day.

Viewing the DailySumo for today will still show all rollover tasks that have not been previously completed. This change will hopefully bring some much-needed clarity.

Tasks Now Have Notes!

Hey folks! Today we're releasing a new update to GoalSumo! You can now have descriptions, links, etc, on your daily tasks!

This has been widely requested since we released our first beta, and we're happy to say that they have made it!

New Note Interface for Tasks.

To add a note to a task on your DailySumo, simply click the 3-dot menu and click "Note pad". When you're done, hit save and close. Your note pad will also automatically save as you type.

After we roll this feature out to tasks, we're planning on adding this feature for Bucket List Items, Kaizen Values, Habits, and, of course, Goals! Stay tuned!

Easier Task Chaining!

You asked, we delivered. We built a brand new task chaining interface, complete with easy searching!

Easier chaining with quick search!

With our recent update to the goal-setting interface, you folks are creating more goals than ever! However, the chaining process for tasks was still just a dropdown menu!

We've received feedback from GoalSumo members saying you wanted an easily searchable chaining menu to help find what you're looking for quickly.

Yesterday, we introduced this into the app and it is now live! Thank you for your feedback!

Additional Changes

New Mobile Menu - The navigation menu on mobile now automatically closes when moving to the next page, making it quicker and easier to navigate GoalSumo on a mobile device.

Device-Specific Sound Settings - You can now enable & disable sounds per-device instead of on your entire account.

Weekly Goal Focus

New Weekly Goal Focus on DailySumo

You can now set a "Weekly Goal Focus" each week! This new feature guides you through the noise and distractions and brings you closer to what truly matters, crushing your goals!

The Weekly Goal Focus feature is designed to help you to maintain focus, improve prioritization, and also helps to ensure that your most important goal for each week doesn't get lost in the shuffle of daily tasks.

How it works

  • Select Your Focus - Simply click the 3-dot menu to set one of your existing weekly goals as your weekly focus.
  • Do The Work - You will now have a consistent reminder about this important goal right next to your daily tasks!
  • Celebrate in Style - Hit your goal and watch the magic happen. A fun surprise is waiting for you when you complete a goal in this section!