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Goals and Goal Chains

Adding deadlines to goals.

Any goal you set can have a "Target Date" or a deadline given to it, provided that date falls within its allocated time silo.

There several places where you can Add/Edit target dates, or deadlines.

The Goal Chain Review Page

The Individual Goals Page

The Goal Chain Edit Page

GoalSumo has 5 flexible time silos and target dates should fall within the goal's allocated time silo.

Dream Goals (6 to 10 years)
Mid-Term Goals (2-6 years)
Short-Term Goals (6-24 months)
Monthly Goals (1-6 months)
Weekly Goals (1-4 weeks)

GoalSumo uses time-silos as we view Goal achievement as a guilt-free, fluid and flexible process, not a rigid ordeal that introduces anxiety into your life.